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Who made my clothes?

Wiwid (second from the left) was born and raised in Bali. She studied Design and Sewing and graduated in 1992. Then she got married and had two kids. After 12 years working for several sewing factories in Indonesia, she felt the need to open her own sewing company, which she named it Wiwid Collection.

Since then, she has been working for several slow fashion brands from countries such as Canada, America and Australia.

Even before sustainability became fashionable, Wiwid tried to contribute to the end of fast fashion by using only organic fabrics and working only with slow fashion brand. Her attention to detail is second to none. 

She has ‘’three right hands’’ named Wayan, Iluh and Komang , who she has a close relationship with. The four of them take pride in their work, and are proud to say their work is handmade with Love <3 <3