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About Us

 The Flying Dutchman was born in 2020 right in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

During a spring in Europe when everyone was forced to be quarantined at home, we wanted to create a boundless killer shirt concept to star in the following summer, once we were allowed to go out again. Summers in south of Europe are quite hot and humid, so we followed the Indonesian casual tropical shirts style. We wanted to offer something stylish, fresh and breathable to wear everyday. So, we developed a classic design of open collar shirts inspired in the trends of the 70’s.
Our clothes are designed in Portugal (Porto) and made in Indonesia (Bali). We are a slow fashion brand but we are not activists. We try to be as much sustainable as possible but we are aware that the end of fast fashion does not happen overnight. We just hope to be contributing to it.

Antonio (left) and Tiago (right) are childhood friends from Porto. In 2014 Antonio moved to Bali with a scholarship and an uncertain future. Today he lives in Uluwatu with his girlfriend and 2 kids.

Knowing that Bali is one of the most trendiest places on earth, Antonio always felt inspired to create something connected with clothing. Was then during the COVID-19 pandemic that Tiago, whom was working with apparell and fashion design for the past 2 years invited him to get on board on this new project that he had in mind.